About Me

My name is Johnny 

I learned to play chess from my dad when I was seven. Ever since, I have been playing in national and international chess tournaments. I was a four-time state high school chess champion. I'm an experienced tournament chess player (14 Years) and chess teacher (10 years). I have a masters degree in education from Harvard University. In addition, I have trained as a long distance runner. I was on my high school and college track and cross country team. I continue to run today and train for half-marathons and marathons. 

I have taught chess with the US Chess Center in Washington, DC.  I have created several after school and in school chess programs in DC, Ohio and Boston. I was a program officer for a small nonprofit that taught chess in hospitals,  libraries and schools throughout the Massachusetts area. I have taught chess to both children and adults with a wide range of abilities. I'm currently the Vice President of the Massachusetts Chess Association.  

“Chess is everything: art, science, and sport.”
― Anatoly Karpov